Admiring antiques

Furniture as Art

Finely crafted furniture has long been considered art, and many pieces have become valuable antiques in today's market. While people are astounded by the low...

Admiring antiques

Antique Jewelry

Many pieces of jewelry are specifically designed for a special person, and they are often handed down through families. Pieces by famous designers often accrue...

Admiring antiques

Wheels with Age

Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine, mankind has been fascinated with motor vehicles. The assembly line provided people with cars and light...

Admiring antiques

Learning to See Value in Antiques

There are always stories floating around about people who walked into a yard sale, purchased an item that appealed to them in some way and...

Admiring antiques

Collecting Antique Weapons

Mankind has a long history of participating in wars, and the weapons used have often been a favorite of collectors. These pieces, old and new,...

Many people love and admire antiques, not just for their age, but for their beauty. A piece that can survive for decades should be admired, yet it must have the right look. If it is ugly, people will tend to dismiss it or toss it out when remodeling. A beautiful piece will lend beauty to nearly any setting, and they are often the centerpiece of a home. Their beauty makes them a valuable asset in any setting, and this is one of the reasons these pieces survive long enough to become antiques.

Good workmanship is also a factor in antiques, and it should not be discounted. Pieces that need repair lose their value as antiques, and they will also be discarded if repair becomes a continuing issue. A piece that has been made well increases its value, and this encourages the owner to retain it throughout the years.