The Beauty of Antiques

Admiring antiques

Collecting Antique Weapons

Mankind has a long history of participating in wars, and the weapons used have often been a favourite of collectors. These pieces, old and new, are generally part of large groups of items that glorify the workmanship of mechanical pieces used by soldiers. Whether or not a weapon has been used in combat is not as important as the quality of the piece, and many collectors seek out weapons that have never been used. Their goal is to amass a collection that provides an overall look at the weapons used in a limited historical era.

While many people have a negative association with war and the implements used to wage it, collecting antique weapons has little to do with actual battles. The admiration of the pieces in their own right is the attraction they hold for collectors, and their possible use are discounted. For many who collect weapons, they are an art form that has long been ignored.

The majority of pieces are only weapons when they are in use, and collectors see them as pieces of art for the beauty of their form instead of their function. That is one reason that weapons which have never seen a battlefield may still bring a hefty price at auction. If they have been used in historic battles or owned by famous people, they will command a higher price. The story behind them then becomes part of the cost of ownership.

A collection of antique weapons is often showcased in a home, and the collector may be proud of his work. Any collector who takes the time to delve into the history of an era and find all the weapons used at the time may consider their collection to be a work of art. Viewed in a group, these items can be separated from war and stand on their own.