Admiring antiques

Furniture as Art

Finely crafted furniture has long been considered art, and many pieces have become valuable antiques in today's market. While people are astounded by the low original prices of these pieces, many of them were quite expensive in their day. Prices have risen, but the value of classic furniture pieces has risen more than many market prices. This is due to the longevity of the piece as both furniture and art.

Not all antique furniture is considered art, and this is due to appearance more than any other factor. These pieces may be functional and have a long life, but enhancing their surroundings with their innate beauty is what fulfills the definition of furniture as art. While not every piece will be able to fit into this narrow category, many of them are still admired by those who own and cherish them for their usefulness and the beauty they contribute to a room.

Furniture trends come and go, and even antique furniture may suffer from this factor. Modern day collectors of art and antiques are currently focusing on vintage pieces such as mid-century modern. While these are just barely antiques in many cases, collectors have begun hoarding them for future sales. The market will cycle them out eventually, but they will be back in vogue as the cycle continues to turn. Collectors buy for the long run, and they work tirelessly to find pieces that will enhance a space and age well.

Classic furniture pieces that have survived throughout the years are often considered works of art no matter what the current trend. They display the attributes of beauty and craftsmanship as well as providing a focal point within a room. Many of them are still quite functional, but this is only a bonus factor when being considered for collection. The two most important factors are their looks and age.