The Beauty of Antiques

Admiring antiques

Antique Jewelry

Many pieces of jewelry are specifically designed for a special person, and they are often handed down through families. Pieces by famous designers often accrue in value as the years pass, and many of these pieces become antiques. When placed on the market, they garner a good price, and they are considered works of art as well as antiques. This gives them a firmer place in important collections, and it enhances their value further.

Workmanship continues to be a factor in antiques, and jewelry is no exception to this rule. A piece that is not well made will generally not survive long enough to become an antique, and it will be discarded by someone who does not wish to correct an issue. For many, pieces of antique jewelry hold their sentimental value long after the original owner has passed them on. They are the stuff of romantic family legends, and this only increases their value for those lucky enough to receive them.